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I broke my virginity when I was 11 years after I fell in love with my Class teacher – Nafisa(Video)

Budding female musician popularly known as Badgal Nafisa has revealed her position in class as her greatest accomplishment in life.

The Nineteen-year-old songstress revealed that she attended four Senior High Schools in three years and SUCCESSFULLY passed her West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in 2018.

Nafisah confidently told ZionFelix she was an intelligent student in class of about one hundred [100] students because she placed eightieth [80th] or sometimes seventieth [70th] when examinations were held.

“I completed SHS in 2018 and will continue Tertiary next year (2020). I attended four SHS in 3 years. I started Weagah SHS at Sandama to Golden Step at Bolgatanga to Rock Foundation also at Bolgatanga and finally completed at Excellence College at Walewale.

“I wasn’t happy with the first school I attended because it was a computer placement that took me there and I was also disliked by my principal at my second school who claimed I wasn’t serious in class,” Nafisah commented

According to her, since she was not last in class and also not among the best twenty (20) students, she is intelligent and pleased with her performances.

“When it comes to examination, I don’t take last so if I don’t take the last position in class that means I was very intelligent in class. If I’m not placed among the first 20 best students in class and I’m not last in class that means I learn, and I was very intelligent in my class.

“In my class, we were about one hundred and something [100+] students in the class and I sometimes get the eightieth [80th] or the seventieth [70th] position in class. It is a great achievement beating some people.” Nafisah revealed

She described circumstances that surrounded her transfers from one Senior High School to the other as worrying moments in her life because she fell in love and followed her teacher who was sacked for engaging in an unhealthy relationship with her.

“The principal sacked the teacher [Mukaila] I was dating at age 17 because he said he doesn’t tolerate Teacher to student relationship so I asked for a transfer to Rock Foundation to continue with our love affair but I later found out that I was rather doing harm to myself,” Nafisah said

She later realized that her decision of falling in love with her teacher as a student was destructive to her studies so she ended the relationship and enrolled in her last Senior High School where she wrote the WASSCE.

“I later requested for a transfer AGAIN to Excellence College where I completed my SHS. The WASSCE results are in and I’m so happy I passed but I’m home because I haven’t been able to get the financial support to continue to the tertiary level.” Nafisah added

Nafisah admitted that her life has not been well-shaped because of the kind of bad upbringing she had as a girl growing up.

“My life as a young lady hasn’t been pleasing to me because of the bad friends I surrounded myself with. It has been difficult for me to stop smoking weed completely. I sometimes do it once in a while.” Nafisah added

Watch the interview below:




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