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I Am In Love With My Married Boss But I Am Scared Of Cheating On My Husband

A married woman is contemplating on having an affair with her boss who is also married. She has decided to turn to social media for help on how to handle the whole situation.

In her own words on Facebook, she wrote;

Please hide my Identity and post this for me.
Kindly inform me when posted. I have fallen soo much in love with my boss.
I’m a married woman with 2 kids. My husband and I are on distance marriage due to the nature of my work.
He comes around sometimes 3 months ,the least is a month.

I have known and fallen in love with this my young boss who is also married for years now before he even became my boss but I kept it to myself all these while until I recently let him knew about my feelings for him because I can’t keep it any more.

He also showed his interest in me but because I’m married he also kept it cool but through constant communication, he has shown interest of doing it with me.

The problem now is , I’m very much scared.
I have never cheated before but here is the case I can’t stand this guy’s love. I don’t know what to do. His presence around me makes me wet. Family, please advice me on what to do.

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