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Hot Video: Men Go Crazy Over Beautiful Lady With BIG Back$ide Tw3rking To Stonebwoy’s Nominate Song

Ever since Stonebwoy launched his Nominate Challenge on Social Media Popular App Triller, there have been several videos going up and down.

Most young ladies have been seen taking part in the challenge and so is this lady doing all it takes to win the $1,000 Dollars.

The Multiple award-winning musicians announced a juicy cash prize as he launches a challenge for his Nominate song featuring Keri Hilson.

The song, Nominate, is part of Stonebwoy’s recently released “Anloga Junction” album which was released a few weeks ago.

It is quite surprising the extent at which some fans can go when serving their idols; some tattoo their names on parts of their bodies and some name their kids after them.

This video of a lady is quite different from all the videos we’ve come across so far on all social media platforms.

If Stonebwoy will look well into it well, this lady with her massive backside can win this nominates challenge hands down.

In this video, a young lady was busily standing in front of a Mirror shaking what her Mama gave her to Stonebwoy’s Nominate Song.

Watch the video below


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