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Hot Video : Lady dances with beer bottle in her va***al

When it comes to night clubs, what people do there can be very surprising at times. There have been reports of night clubs where strippers were seen exposing their private body parts.

In order to entice people present at the night clubs, ladies are ready to go to the extreme. Some ladies have reportedly dance unclad just to thrill their audience and probably to get cool money.

Recently, a video was uploaded online in which a lady can be seen dancing and showing all sort of skills to thrill her audience.

In the video, the lady can be seen upside down with a bottle in her private part. From what was seen in the video, the lady inserted the bottle in her va**nal and was seen controlling the bottle with the wall of her va**nal.

Many people were present at the show and we’re so happy at what they are seeing. Some insinuate that the lady is a prostitute doing the show for money while some believe the lady is simply seeking attention.

The lady however have gotten a lot of attention as numerous people have already started seeing the video online and the video has received a lot of mixed reactions.


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