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‘Guru Lied, Kuami Eugene And I Never Begged To Be On ‘Lapaz Toyota’ Remix’


Guru is probably gathering momentum to generate the needed hype for an upcoming single which is why he’s spending time with this issue of collaboration with Kuame Eugene and KiDi.

Even before the dust of his issue with Lynx Entertainment and Kuame Eugene could settle, the serial hitmaker told Andy Dosty that there was a time the aforementioned artistes (Kuame Eugene and KiDi) who are now dominating the music scene with their distinctive Afrobeat style begged to jump on his evergreen Lapaz Toyota song.

Guru said;

“Their first year in the game… we spoke and I advised them telling them I like their energy and they should maintain it. We met at Multimedia and we even took photos.

That was their early part. They were like senior let’s do the ‘Lapaz Toyota’ remix.. this was like 2-3 years ago”.

But according to KiDi via a text message to Andy Dosty, it’s not true that they begged Guru to be on “Lapaz Toyota” remix.

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com

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