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Go to your father with your first salary not your pastor – Kanayo advises

Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo made a strong statement recently by choosing to uphold African tradition and customs by requesting a portion of his son, Clinton Mbaise’s first earnings from his debut in the film industry.

In a heartwarming video shared on his Instagram account, Kanayo was seen giving his son fatherly blessings and encouraging other young ones to seek blessings from their fathers after receiving their first salary, rather than seeking blessings from pastors.

During a film set visit, Kanayo introduced Clinton to members of his production business, Simpliciter Associates Productions, and appointed him as his personal assistant and assistant to the assistant production manager.

In the video, Kanayo emphasized the importance of a father’s blessing, stating, “I want to observe a culture from our ancestors which has led to the progress of many people you see today, ’Father blessing.’”

He further explained the significance of a father being involved in his son’s financial matters, as it teaches the son financial management skills and responsibility. Kanayo illustrated this by asking Clinton to give him a portion of his first salary of N50,000 and explained that the father can choose to bless the son with the money or guide him on how to manage it wisely.

Kanayo also expressed his disapproval of young people seeking blessings from pastors with their first salaries, stating that it is not a part of African culture.