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Ghanaians living in UK hold funeral for Queen Elizabeth II, watch as they dance to good highlife music on the street of Cornell, Tottenham

Ghanaians living in the UK who obviously have enough time on their hands held a funeral for the departed Queen Elizabeth on the street of Cornell in Tottenham.

The funeral moderator, as it seemed was heard dancing to tuneful highlife rhythms while clad in red and asing everyone around adjourning cities to come and join them mourn the powerful monarch.

It’s evident the solemn event was held simultanelously with the main funeral that took place at Buckingham Palace.

The video was shared by blogger Blogger thosecalledcelebs and instantly it was met with wild reactions from netizens, most of whom blasted them for their clout-chasing antics.

“Ghanaian Community in the UK having their own fun£ral at the #buckinghampalace android 😆❤️ lo₩ budget inlaws in the building…. at least! Koo Charles should have allowed them to come and carry the fun£ral kenkey eerrr .. ohh 😠😆,” she wrote.

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