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Ghanaian Man Trends After Overpraying at Israel’s Wailing Wall As Shocked Israeli Man Looks On – Video


Ghanaians are always taking things ‘world cup’, as we say down here. We take things from other cultures and practice them so much that those who even originated the thing start looking at us sideways over our over seriousness.

For instance, religion was forced down our throats by foreigners during the era of slavery but today, Ghanaians are more religious than even the people who brought the religion down to us.

In fact, many of those countries are now moving on from religion but Ghanaians are still holding on tight, to the extent we now even condemn those countries to hell because we now understand Christianity or Islam more than they do!

That phenomenon was displayed in full at Israel’s wailing wall in a video that has gone viral on social media.

In the video, a Ghanaian man can be seen at Israel’s wailing wall with a Jewish man by his side as they both try and pray to their God for whatever it is they want.

However, whilst the Jewish gentleman was being considerate and quiet in his prayers, our fellow Ghanaian was out there crying and emptying out his entire soul, praying like he was at a prayer meeting in his hometown church.

He was being loud in his prayers to the extent that the Jewish man got frustrated and left.

Watch the video below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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