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Ghanaian lady in U.S. kicks out husband from their home after he failed to pay rent for 2 months (Video)

A video that is fast going viral on social media captures the exact moment a Ghanaian lady who resides in the United States (USA) with her husband, Nana Bediako, ejected him violently.

In a video sighted by Nsemwokrom.com on YEN.gh, the man reportedly failed to pay rent for two months; thus triggering the wife as she can be seen packing out her husband’s clothes and throwing them out in the street.

According to the lady, she had paid the rent twice and was going to show the man that she could drive him out.

From her actions or mannerism, one could assume that, she did not see why a man would live with her and she, a woman, would rather have to pay rent for two consecutive periods.

Perhaps, the saddest moment in the video was when the man asked himself the words, “Nti me Nana Bediako paa nie?” which translates to, “So is this me, Nana Bediako of all people?”

That statement sent a signal that he had always been on his feet financially and things just got bad for him, only for his wife to treat him in this manner.

Before the video was cut short, Nana Bediako’s wife was heard referring to her husband as a very lady man.

Video Below:

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