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Fresh ‘ATOPA’ Video Of A Ghanaian Lady Hits Online; Satisfies Herself With A Huge Bottle (Watch)

Atopa video of a lady from Kumasi using a bottle to enjoy herself is fast trending on social media.

The video sent to Africanshowbizz.Com by an anonymous guy saw the lady inserting a huge bottle in her ‘TOTO’.

According to sources, the three minutes tape was recorded by the said lady but didn’t intend leaking it herself.

She is said to have forgotten to delete it resulting in the leak being shared and discussed in various social media platforms as to why it was recorded in the first place.

Details of how the atopa video got into the public domain suggest that a friend of the lady who sent the video to TheNewsGh.Com saw the video on her phone and quickly sent it to his phone moments after he took the lady’s phone.

The anonymous guy also revealed that after seeing the atopa video he called the lady and asked her why she did such a dangerous act.

She revealed that she doesn’t climax when she is been banged for three rounds by men hence the best option for her to cum is to masturbate with a bottle.





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