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Fans Lash Out At Kwadwo Sheldon, Shares His Old Tweets Praising Shatta Wale For His Contributions

Fans of Shatta Wale have called out Kwadwo Sheldon after he claimed that the musician had not contributed anything to his success.

This comes after the YouTuber demanded an apology and claimed that Shatta Wale had nothing to do with his career journey.

During an interview with Zionfelix, Sheldon stated that his hard work and social media presence, not Shatta Wale, were the primary factors propelling him to success and not others claim.

However, this approach drew criticism, particularly from Shatta Wale’s supporters who felt Sheldon had undermined their idol’s efforts.

Fans flocked to Sheldon’s Twitter account, displaying screenshots of his previous comments that contradicted his recent claims.

These tweets highlighted the content creator praising Shatta Wale, including a reference to his BBC interview, in which he stated categorically that “Shatta Wale has played a key role in [his] career” and that it couldn’t be denied.

Sheldon publicly showed satisfaction in one of his latest tweets after receiving massive support from fans, resulting in a substantial increase in subscribers following his reaction to Shatta Wale’s hit song “On God” on his YouTube channel.

The controversy between Kwadwo Sheldon and Shatta Wale sparked a huge responses showing the complicated issues with their relationship as well as the impact of fans’ reactions on social media.

Seethe screenshot below: