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Eddie Watson Wades Into Funny Face’s Woes With The Police


Liberian born Ghanaian actor Eddie Watson has lent his word and encouragement and support to his colleague actor, Funny Face after he was beaten up by the police.

According to Funny Face, he suffered at the hands of the police as they beat him to a pulp when he fired some warning shots in the air to scare off some people who were after him. Funny face has since taken to social media to blast the police for the way they treated him.

Eddie Watson sensed that there is a mental and psychological battle the actor is facing that ha caused him to go haywire on social media. He called for the support of the actors within the movie industry to rally behind him and help him to recover.

Sharing the photo he wrote: Funny Face has never been my friend and I don’t think we’ve ever had a proper conversation. But one think I can say for sure is he’s made me laugh a lot. And like me, I know he’s brought smiles, laughters and joy to many homes and hearts. I don’t know what’s going on with him, but he seems to be having some real tough times. Ghana, let him not be abandoned. Let’s not turn away or sit in our corners waiting to see the end of him. I’m begging those close friends and family of Funny to please reach out to him. We are all not perfect! What I see now is a complete 360 from what we all loved and admired. Wherever he’s gone wrong, let’s show mercy and compassion. Your OWN is your OWN! ❤️ 🇬🇭 #funnyface

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