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‘Don’t Sellout Like Burna Boy And Patoranking’ – Shatta Wale Fan Advises Tekno

A fan of Shatta Wale has taken to social media to send a message to Nigerian singer Tekno following their latest collaboration with the Ghanaian dancehall star.

In the fan’s message, Tekno is advised not to portray the lifestyle and actions of Burna Boy and Patoranking, who were once close pals to Shatta Wale.

The fan suggests that Tekno should be mindful of not betraying Shatta Wale, emphasizing the importance of loyalty.

This advice stems from Shatta Wale featuring Tekno in his recent release titled “Incoming,” which garnered significant attention on social media, digital streaming platforms, and received airplay.

Some fans share the sentiment that Shatta Wale’s collaboration has played a role in revitalizing Tekno’s career, especially after the Nigerian singer faced a setback due to a voice cancer.

Others on the other hand  asserted that despite Shatta Wale’s previous insults directed at Nigerian musicians, he still relies on them to thrive and gain global attention.

The fan, explaining why Tekno should avoid emulating Patoranking and Burna Boy, labels these artists as ungrateful to Shatta Wale, urging Tekno to remember the support and helping hand he received from their shared mentor.

The fan emphasizes that Shatta Wale has played a pivotal role in making Tekno “popular” in Africa, and it’s now Tekno’s responsibility to sustain his success in the industry.

“Dear Tekno, if Shatta Wale make you popular finish, don’t sellout like Pati Ranking and Burna Boy. Ghana and Nigeria are family” — he wrote.

Shatta Wale and Tekno