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Don’t Let What You See On Social Media Deceive You


Nollywood actress cum evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi has dished out a piece of advice to her fans not to be envious of other people’s lifestyles because of what they post on social media.

In a post sighted on her Instagram page, the actress noted that everyone has their own problems and we should not be deceived into thinking people who seem to have it all on social media do not have any battles they face in their personal lives.

She advised her fans to stay strong and resolute with the notion that God has their back in every situation they may find themselves in.

She wrote: Losing hope is the beginning of depression and eventual death !
Satan strategically pushes us to loose our minds and bearing over unfulfilled dreams .If you really get close to others whom you think are having it all , you will notice they also have one issue making them frustrated about their lives. Dont let all you see on social media deceive you .So Stay strong . KEEP HOPE ALIVE. YOUR MOMENT IS COMING .
Job 14 : 7 , Lamentations 3 : 26 , Romans 8 : 24 .
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