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Doctors at Ridge Hospital leave huge towel in woman’s tummy for 9 months after C-section (Video)

Greater Accra Reginal Hospital in recent times has received backlashes from Ghanaians about how some of their doctors perform irresponsibly and carelessly leading to the demise of Some patients, nanansem.com can report.

Guess what? Ridge is in the news again! This time around, a woman has narrated a chilling story of how a huge towel was left in her tummy for nine long months before it was eventually discovered and removed at a different hospital.

According to the woman, she was delivered of her baby through a caesarian section at the plush but controversial hospital in 2015 when the incident happened.

Speaking to Captain Smart on Accra-based Angel FM as monitored by nanansem.com, the Woman revealed that after the surgery, she had been vomiting frequently and it all looked very green as if she had eaten raw green grass.

She returned to the Ridge hospital not less than twice but she was told they could not do anything about her situation because it had been nine months after the operation.

Her situation continued to worsen until she went to another hospital she referred to as the Rock hospital where an Xray scan detected that something was lying inside her tummy.

Doctors then conducted another surgery only to realize that during her caesarian section at the Ridge Hospital, a huge towel used during the operation was left inside her and her tummy was stitched over it.

Interestingly, after the corrective surgery at a different hospital, the very doctor conducted the caesarian section on her at the Ridge hospital advised her to ignore the case because taking the matter up would cost her a lot of money.

Watch her at the said towel in the video below as she narrates the heart-stopping ordeal:


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