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Diana Asamoah shows off her husband who’s an Israeli man

Ghanaian Gospel singer Diana Asamoah, who has recently been in the spotlight, has turned to social media to introduce the world to the guy she claims to be her spouse.

Recently, the Gospel singer’s behaviour has enraged many of her fans, who question whether or not she is the same Diana Asamoah they remember from 15 years ago and who insist that this new Diana is someone else entirely.

She was dismissed by her record company a few weeks ago on the grounds that she had repeatedly broken the terms of her contract.

Even though she was just fired from her record company, Diana is having a great time in Israel and plans to return home to share the good news with her friends and followers in Ghana.

She said in a video she posted online that she prayed to God for a spouse before leaving the country, and her wish was fulfilled.

In light of the Israeli’s expression, many of the musician’s fans and followers are under the impression that she is kidding.

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