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“Daasebre Gyamena faked his death, he is back as Fameye” – Evangelist Addai reveals | Screenshot

Is he mentally stable? It will be difficult to tell if everything is alright up there or not but the kind of statements he has been making recently points more to a man with deep visions or one on the verge of madness.

Evangelist Emmanuel Addai who recently claimed late Ghanaian actress Suzzy Williams faked her death and now living as Popular TV personality Nana Ama McBrown is back with yet another revelation.

Evangelist Emmanuel Addai claims late highlife Legend Daasebre Ahoufe Gyamena is still alive and performing his music trade as ‘nothing I get’ hitmaker Fameye.

He said their talent matches and they sort of look-alike too. He added that he has studied in detail their mannerisms and have come to the realization that the two are the same person.




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