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Criss Waddle Reveals What Sarkodie Did When He Saw Him In An Uber (Screenshot)

Ghanaian rapper and CEO of AMG Business, Criss Kwaku Waddle has recounted how Sarkodie gave him a helping hand yesterday.

According to the ‘Bie Gya’ hit singer, yesterday’s experience adds up to his numerous achievements ever as a musician.


Waddle took to twitter to reveal that a whole Sarkodie – who is believed to be the greatest Ghanaian musician of our time – gave him a lift.

Waddle said he was in an uber when he saw Sarkodie driving ahead of him, he just had to pick his phone and call the rapper. Surprisingly, Sark offered to give him a lift and drive him home.

His tweet reads; “One of my achievements when it comes to MUSIC is that yesterday a whole @sarkodie gave me Lift, I was in an Uber when I saw his Car,so I called and said Bro I just see u,I Dey Uber inside for your back,Sark say come make I drop you”

The accomplishment comes from the fact that Sark acted as his driver which is a clear indication that the highest rapper in Ghana has so much humility and cherishes his friends.





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