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Cris Brown Danced to my song and no musician can match that record in Ghana


is not happy with the degrading his fellow musician Shatta Wale gave him by branding him an underground artist.

In a conversation with GNA entertainment, Patapaa reveals he was shocked when he heard the news that he is considered an artist who is yet to blow. He insists the level he has reached in music now is not a joke and don’t need to be looked down on.

The man who took the industry by storm with his One Corner song added that he is the only Ghanaian artist who’s song has American singer Cris Brown doing his things on the dance floor.

“I was very shocked when I was labelled an underground artiste considering my impressive records. My songs are played globally and have appeared on some big international platforms with some American musicians like Chris Brown dancing to it and for me, no musician in Ghana can match this record,” he said

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