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Chaos in plane as woman wrestles with crew for mishandling her expensive handbag [Watch]

A woman caused a scene inside a Nigerian plane when she took on crew members who wanted to keep her ‘expensive’ handbag in an overhead compartment.

In a video that has surfaced online, the furious lady who had boarded the Air Peace flight wrestled the pouch from the flight attendants who were also not ready to let her have her way.

They tried to explain to her why it was necessary to keep the bag in the compartment or on the floor of the plane but she could hear none of their words.

Nollywood actress, Belinda Effah, who was also on board captured the drama with her phone and briefly shared on her Instagram page what was happening in the plane.

According to the actress, confrontation delayed the plane from taking off as the pilot was forced to make a U-turn and drop her at the airport before flying. Belinda wrote:

“The Expensive Handbag That Stopped Us From Flying. On Take Off This Girl Said The Flight Should Turn Around and Drop Her off cos she will not let her bag be kept on the floor or be put in the upper cabinet because it’s too expensive. We had to make a you turn and security officials escorted her out not after she almost broke my phone for capturing her. I mean I needed to see the expensive bag that caused such a row and got her so riled up. So I had to capture it for the world to see 🙏🏽.”

Video Below:




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