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“Can you marry a woman older than you? Lady asks men

To many, age is just a number but to the discerning ones who always want to flow with tradition, age difference is worth considering in life partner selection.

This is because most guys aren’t able to handle their age mates, consequently, how can they be with someone older than them? How do you instruct an older person to perform a task? This and many other reasons are why discerning possible suitors always go for ladies they’re relatively older than them.

Ahh well, it seem this issue about age in relationships is troubling one Nigerian slay queen as she has asked her followers on Instagram to assist her with their varied reasons.

The lady identified as Licious Rika asked that, “Guys can you marry a woman older than you? Although to her best knowledge, maturity surpases age or whatsoever in relationships.


See post below via screenshot:




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