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Camidoh explains hiatus from social media and music scene

Ghanaian Afrobeats sensation, Camidoh, has recently opened up about his temporary absence from the music scene and social media platforms.

In an interview with Giovani Caleb on Showbiz 360, Camidoh revealed that his break was a result of a creative camp he organized to review his works.

The talented musician shared, “I began the year with a camp. I organized a camp to bring some creatives over to run through the music I was making and it was awesome. When you are busy working on something really special like that you wouldn’t have time for social media.”

Camidoh further explained, “I never thought I would be that kind of person. I’m usually on social media most of the time, but this time around, I’ve been focused on the project.” The ‘Sugarcane’ hitmaker emphasized the importance of dedicating time to perfecting his craft and receiving valuable feedback on his work.

Describing the project, Camidoh revealed that he gathered a team of creatives and industry stakeholders to assist him in fine-tuning his upcoming project. “I have seen labels do it. They come to Ghana, take big apartments and then invite different producers. I wanted to do it for myself because I am independent. So, I called some creative producers, songwriters, and artistes to come through. We did it in Aburi,” he shared.