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Black Sherif Buys Expensive Outfits In US, Flaunts In A Video

Ghanaian music sensation Black Sherif has sparked excitement on social media by displaying his latest purchased expensive outfits in a video.

The video captures Black Sherif wearing an oversize trousers with a red and white shirt, which he paired with a fashionable chain, wrist watch and silver rings.

The musician proudly claims to have purchased this luxury apparel from a renowned San Francisco shop in the United States, though he does not reveal the specific cost of the things.

Since his debut in the Ghanaian music industry, Black Sherif’s unusual wardrobe choices have constantly sparked debate.

Fashion enthusiasts often praise his distinct dress choices, seeing them as a major factor that distinguishes him.

During the outfit’s display, the “Kweku the Traveller” singer took a few steps back, encountering an unexpected moment after something strange attempted to adjust the bottom of his trousers.

This unexpected move caused a mix of shock and amazement, prompting Black Sherif to end the video with the comical statement, “Ohk, we close.”



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