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Barbara Tommey: Burial Date Of Wife Who Was Shot By Husband, Sylvester Ofori, Released By Family I Details

Barbara Tommey, wife who was killed by her Ghanaian-U.S based pastor, Sylvester Ofori to be buried on September 26 – elderly sister of Barbara, Elisabeth Sophia Russell, discloses.

Sister of the late Barbara Tommey, Elisabeth Sophia Russell has revealed the funeral and burial details of their beloved.

According to her the family has met and decided to bury their daughter and sister on the 26th of September 2020.

Speaking to the media, she said:

 “We are burying her on the 26th of SeptemberMy Mother prefers that we bury her as soon as possible in order to heal the pain”

Listen to Elisabeth revealing the date below:


Thedistin.com had earlier reported when the elder sister of the late Barbara Tommey, who was murdered by her husband Pastor Sylvester Ofori, after he shot her seven times at her workplace, has finally broken silence about the death of her younger sister to clear the air about rumors surrounding her death.

Speaking in an interview on Hitz FM Sunday with Franky5, she revealed that, the argument between Barbara and her husband ensued after she disclosed that, her husband had joined the occult which shifted his faith in God to Satanic beliefs.


She added that her late sister’s decision to not succumb to the belief of her husband that there is no God plays a role in the argument which led to her death. Barbara was continuously maltreated and attacked by her husband after which he went ahead to threatened to kill her in the presence of her brother “Perry” and his wife.

Sophia explained that Barbara took her decision to divorce her husband “head pastor of Floodgates of Heaven International Ministries”, not because of the treatment he was giving her but rather because he had changed his faith from God.

“Sylvester had denounced God after he visited a shrine in Nzema and was even convincing my sister to join him. But my sister later discovered her husband had joined occult and filed for divorce” Sophia narrated.

Sophia added that, Barbara had left her husband’s home for some months but only returned for some important documents and she was attacked by her husband Sylvester which took the intervention of her elder brother to save her from being choked.

“Barbara was the breadwinner of the family and owned all the properties; Sylvester was just a pastor so the thought of losing everything pushed him to kill my sister” she cried.

“Barbara was a very quiet person so all the things we heard were from her friends; she never told us what she was going through until her death” she bemoaned.

The late Barbara would be buried on September 26, 2020, whilst the case is in the hands of the police for investigation and judgment. (Click here to watch her full interview)


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