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“Any less guy less than 35 years who uses Benz is a scammer” Lady says


A Twitter user @AkhuaFlair has sparked a serious conversation on social media after she made a tweet.

In the tweet, she wrote that due to the hardship in our economy, any guy below the ages of 35 who owns a Benz car is a scammer.

Any guy less than 35 years who uses a Benz is a scammer. Periodt“, she tweeted.


Her tweet attracted a thread of arguments. Although a lot of people side with her, others also think she’s a shallow thinker to hold such an opinion.

“The fact that your family is not fortunate to have young millionaire or billionaires doesn’t mean others do not have”, one comment read.

“Lol African mentality, who even told you scamming is a sin”, another tweep added.

Below are screenshots of the arguments raised by people.

Benz scammer 3

Benz scammer 2

Benz scammer1

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