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Advocate, Saratu Abiola Recounts How She Told Her Boss To Shut Up Rudely On Her First Day At Work


She shared this on her personal social media handle on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

She wrote;

“I remember, aged 27. Freshly arrived in Abuja. I couldn’t lock the door of my new apartment so my landlord promised to send over a locksmith while I was at work. I was having a shower when I heard the front door open.

I hastily put on a towel. Just as I stepped out of the bathroom, I saw the carpenter. He’d been fixing something the previous dat and had helped me move my new mattress in. What are you doing here, I asked. I took the key, he said. I wanted to see you again.

I was in a towel and bathroom slippers. He walked towards me, telling me not to be afraid. I screamed. My neighbor’s son hears me and rushes in, rugby tackles this him to the ground.

Estate police arrests this guy. I gave a statement. I was late for my first day at work.

My first day, I was to support a workshop we were giving to women interested in running for local office. My boss sees me and instantly sees red. She’s cussing me out, calling me every name under the sun, from irresponsible to idiotic. In front of everyone o.

I told her to shut the fuck up and never in her life talk to me that way again. I told her that id had the worst morning, but whatever it was didn’t deserve to be insulted. The entire room, previously a flurry of activity, went silent. I was sure I’d lost the job I’d moved for.

I put down my bag and sat down next to my new colleagues, who looked at me like I’d just fallen from the sky. The training went on. During the first tea break, my manager called me aside and we had a long convo. I told her what happened. I apologized, and so did she.

That was 2013. I’ve lived in this town for 8 years now. I’ve been employed for every minute. My colleague, after a month of getting to know me, said “you’re really mad, you know that?”

He’s not wrong. I kind am.

It’s been a ride sha. Helluva ride.”

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