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Aayalolo bus door “arrests” suspected thief in Kumasi

A hilarious video of a thief who has been arrested by the door of Aayalolo bus in Kumasi has surfaced on social media and fast going viral.

In the video, the suspected thief has gotten his armed locked in between the Aayalolo bus door and he is frantically attempting to remove the arm as the people in the buss laugh.

According to the person who shot the video, the suspected thief attempted to steal the phone of the Aayalolo bus’s mate from his pocket. They were moving from Adum to Atonsu, all in Kumasi.

But the Aayalolo bus’ mate being smart pulled the thief into the bus. After a brief scuffle with the mate inside the bus, the suspected thief tried to flee but the driver’s good timing with the locking of the bus door locked his arm in between the bus door.

Whiles the mate was explaining how it all happened, the thief could be seen in the video frantically trying to unlock his arm in order to escape.

All this while, the other passengers on the bus were having a good laugh with the whole situation. The mate revealed they were taking him to the police station.





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