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‘A Lot Of Men Date Me Out Of Pity’ – Physically Challenged Nigerian Actress Doris Akonanya Reveals (Video)

Popular Nigerian actress, Doris Akonanya has spoken about her struggle to find someone who genuinely loves her.

According to the physically challenged actress Akonanya, many men date her out of pity due to her condition.


Doris Akonanya
Doris Akonanya

Akonanya disclosed this during an interview with Yan Kontent Factory, noting that despite her differently-abled status, she is capable of doing everything for herself.

She also shared several aspect of her life from her experiences in the Nigerian movie industry as her side job and personal relationships.

Speaking on her Nollywood journey, Doris shared the challenges she has faced from movie producers and directors who attempted to sleep with her

Akonanya also disclosed her unconventional source of income, claiming to have sold photos and videos to a particular group of white men she refers to as Devotees and has a passion for Amputees.

She also expressed her displeasure with how she is being treated differently, attributing it mostly to pity, an emotion she finds uncomfortable.

She openly admitted to missing the experience of being in a romantic relationship, emphasising the need for the simple joy of being called every morning and night, a feeling she hasn’t felt in a long time