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5 Ghanaian Secondary Schools with some Fresh Guys

A look at secondary schools in Ghana with some really good looking guys. I mean with some really fresh guys. When it comes to freshness, any girl can relate.

Let the list begin;

1. Takoradi Technical Institute

A critical look at most of the students on campus will of course tell you, you’ve found yourself in the midst of some really good looking guys. Majority of the guys there are fresh and bold therefore can sweep away any girl with ease and not just with their sweet talks.

2. Mfantsipim Senior High School

They are really averse when it comes to academics but that doesn’t compromise on their looks. Their uniform itself has swag in it and with a little bit of freshness, the Mfantsiman girls are on standby waiting to date them.

3. St. John’s Secondary School

The SAINTS as they are affectionately called are also one of the schools on the list which can really boast of some fresh guys.

4. Presec- Legon

These guys can also boast of their freshness as well aside academics.

5. Shama Secondary School(SHASS)

This is one school which can boast of freshness in both their males and females. I sometimes wonder whether the computerized system had been programmed in such a way that all the fresh guys and ladies find themselves there.




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