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“2PM’s Death Was Meant For Me” – Musician Bullion GH Makes Shares Shocking Details

Ghanaian rapper and musician, Bullion GH, formerly known as 2 Pesewas, has recently made startling revelations following the death of popular Tiktoker, 2PM.

The Ghanaian rapper Francis Peprah, famously recognized as 2PM or the King of Bars, met an untimely demise in Wassa Akropong, Western Region. The circumstances surrounding his death unveiled a chilling narrative of a fatal motor accident that occurred on a fateful Friday night. Reports confirm that the rapper’s mortal remains are currently housed at the Wassa Akropong Government Hospital Morgue.

Known for his lyrical prowess, 2PM earned the title ‘King of Bars’ due to his remarkable ability to craft verses from mundane occurrences. His lyrical finesse transcended boundaries, collaborating and weaving captivating bars alongside prominent figures like Adina Thembi, Kennedy Agyapong, and even former President John Dramani Mahama.

His shocking departure has left a void in the music industry, leaving enthusiasts mourning the loss of this lyrical genius.

The grim details surrounding 2PM’s demise point to a tragic motor accident in the suburbs of Wassa Akropong. While specifics regarding his destination remain unclear, ongoing investigations seek to shed light on the circumstances preceding the fatal incident.

In a shocking revelation, Bullion GH disclosed his profound belief that 2PM’s death was destined for him.

Citing his spiritual father and close confidant, Prophet Agya Asiedu, Bullion GH recounted a series of warnings against his former stage name, 2 Pesewas.

According to Bullion GH, the spiritual guidance insisted that retaining the name would lead to fatal consequences, a fate averted only by his decision to heed the advice and alter his stage moniker.

Expressing certainty that 2PM might have still been alive if acquainted with him, Bullion GH stands firm in his conviction that averted tragedy was a direct result of changing his stage name.

His assertion hinges on their shared roots in Wassa, the town where 2PM met his unfortunate end.

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